Elevating Modular Mixing: 1010music Bluebox’s Eurorack Transformation

1010Music BlueBox Eurorack Mixer

In the ever-evolving world of Eurorack mixers, the recent announcement from 1010music about their bluebox mixer transitioning to the Eurorack format has created quite a buzz. This move comes closely after Noise Engineering unveiled their vision of a Eurorack mixer. However, 1010music’s approach offers a fresh perspective on modular mixing.

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1010Music BlueBox Eurorack. Source: 1010Music

A Glimpse into the Bluebox Eurorack Edition

The bluebox mixer, previously known for its standalone capabilities, has now been reimagined for the Eurorack environment. This transition brings with it a plethora of additional features, making it a compelling choice for those looking to enhance their modular setups.

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Distinguishing Features of the Bluebox Eurorack Edition

  1. USB-C Integration: The mixer now boasts two USB-C ports. One is tailored for external MIDI controllers and MIDI clock synchronization, while the other facilitates a 2-channel audio connection to computers.
  2. CV Inputs: With six CV inputs, users can now modulate and control various parameters, adding depth to their mixes.
  3. Compact Design: The bluebox Eurorack edition occupies a mere 30HP, ensuring it fits seamlessly into most setups.
  4. Price: Priced at $699, it offers significant value, especially when compared to its desktop counterpart priced at $549. The added features justify the price difference.

Additionally, the ability to connect a USB MIDI controller addresses the limitations of the touchscreen interface, especially in densely patched modular rigs.

Core Features Retained from the Original Bluebox

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1010Music BlueBox Eurorack Mixer. Source: 1010Music
  • 2 mono or 6 stereo track mixing capabilities, inclusive of prerecorded sounds.
  • Independent routing of each track to 4 mono, 2 stereo outputs, or a stereo headphone output.
  • An analog clock output.
  • TRS MIDI input and output.
  • MicroSD support for both recording and playback (simultaneous operations supported).
  • A global compressor, 4-band EQ, and dedicated reverb and delay with per-track sends.
  • Project saving and recall functionalities.

In Conclusion

The world of modular mixing is witnessing transformative innovations, with the bluebox Eurorack edition by 1010music being a testament to this evolution. As it seamlessly blends traditional features with new enhancements, it promises to redefine the Eurorack mixing experience. The bluebox stands out with its digital prowess and user-centric design. As the modular community anticipates more from industry giants, one thing is clear: the future of Eurorack mixing is bright, versatile, and full of potential. Whether you’re a seasoned modular enthusiast or a newcomer, the bluebox Eurorack edition is undoubtedly a game-changer worth exploring.

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You should check 1010music’s official website or YouTube channel for such content to gain a deeper understanding of the mixer’s functionalities.

bluebox eurorack introduction by 1010music