AMPLE Synthesizer: A Masterpiece of Analogue Solutions


AMPLE synthesizer – latest creation of Analogue Solution, is no exception and promises to be a game-changer for synth enthusiasts. In the world of analog synthesizers, the UK-based boutique manufacturer, Analogue Solutions, has always stood out with its unique offerings. Led by the visionary Tom Carpenter, the company has been at the forefront of blending classic analog sounds with contemporary features.

Analogue Solutions AMPLE Synthesizer Introduction Video by Starsky Carr

Design Aesthetics and Build of AMPLE

Ample Synthesizer
AMPLE Synthesizer. Source: Analogue Solutions

The AMPLE synthesizer boasts a sleek, flat, and angled design that is both elegant and user-friendly. Analogue Solutions has ensured that the layout is familiar to both seasoned synthesists and newcomers, making sound exploration intuitive and rewarding.

A Blend of the Best

The AMPLE synthesizer is not just another addition to the analog synth market; it’s a culmination of the best features from several of Analogue Solutions’ recent products:

  • Sound Elements from the Fusebox
  • Jack Patch Points of the Concussor Eurorack
  • Patch Pin Matrix reminiscent of the Vostok
  • Echo derived from the Dr. Strangelove
  • Sequencer and CV Touch Pads inspired by the Generator

Despite borrowing elements from various products, the AMPLE retains its distinct sound signature, ensuring that it stands out in a sea of synthesizers.

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AMPLE Synthesizer Core Features

  • Three Analog Oscillators (VCOs): Each VCO is packed with features and modulation options. Notably, VCO3 can also function as an LFO, providing added versatility.
  • Two Analog Low-Frequency Oscillators: LFO2 offers a triangle wave output, while VCO3, when used as an LFO, provides Saw, Triangle, and Square wave modulation signals.
  • Analog Filter: A four-pole 24dB per octave low-pass filter ensures that the AMPLE delivers a rich and warm sound.
  • Analog Amplifier: The VCA can be set to THRU, allowing the AMPLE to double up as an effects processor.
  • Two Analog Envelopes: Both envelopes offer full ADSR control, enabling precise sound shaping.
  • Modulation: Thoughtfully designed modulation routes allow for a diverse range of sounds, from classic synth tones to percussion and modular sounds.
  • MIDI Integration: While MIDI is kept simple, it offers control over filter cut-off using MIDI Velocity, ensuring that the AMPLE Synth is compatible with modern setups.
  • Sequencer: A vintage-style 16-step sequencer is integrated, allowing for intricate pattern creation.
  • Touch Keys: Six touch keys output specific voltages, which can be used for pitch or modulation signals.
  • Pin Matrix: This unique feature allows for semi-modular patching without the need for cables.
  • Echo: A lo-fi echo/delay adds depth and character to the sound.

The Pin Matrix Modulation System

One of the standout features of the AMPLE is its pin matrix modulation system, reminiscent of the iconic Colossus and Vostok synths. This system allows users to explore the synth’s semi-modularity using pins instead of traditional patching cables.

AMPLE Pin Matrix. Source: Analogue Solutions

The VCA, with its THRU or drone mode, can be utilized as a powerful analog drone synth or even as an effect processor. To enhance the sound further, Analogue Solutions has integrated a LoFi echo/delay processor, borrowed from the Dr Strangelove desktop FX unit. This addition is perfect for infusing character and depth into the sounds.

Sequencing, Touch Features, and Connectivity

The AMPLE synth also revives the Patternator from the Fusionbox Synth. This vintage-inspired 16-step sequencer comes with innovative features like the interval generator. The synth also incorporates six touch keys, each emitting a specific voltage. These keys can be used to play the AMPLE’s pitches or as modulation signals.

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For those looking to integrate the AMPLE with other systems, it offers numerous audio and CV input/output sockets. These sockets ensure seamless compatibility with Eurorack and other modular systems. Moreover, the synth is MIDI-enabled, offering simple SYSEX support and velocity control over the filter.

Final Thoughts

The AMPLE synthesizer is a testament to Analogue Solutions’ commitment to innovation. While it retains classic elements, it introduces fresh design aspects that set it apart. Although it comes with a premium price tag of £1,999.00, the features it offers are unparalleled in modern synths. Given its limited availability, it’s bound to be a prized possession for those lucky enough to own one.

For more details and to explore the AMPLE synthesizer, visit the official Analogue Solutions website.