Elta Music Unveils the SOLAR 42: The Ambient Synth Revolution


Elta Music, the renowned Latvian synthesizer company, has once again made waves in the music industry with the introduction of the SOLAR 42 at Superbooth 23. This innovative microtonal polyphonic ambient machine is a successor to the SOLAR 60 drone Synthesizer and is now available for pre-order.

SOLAR 42. Official Elta Music Introduction Video

A Glimpse into the SOLAR 42

The SOLAR 42 is not just any synthesizer; it’s a marvel packed with six drone oscillators and more. For those eager to get their hands on this masterpiece, the Starter Kit offers the SOLAR 42, the Infinity cartridge, five patch cables, and a power supply. Additionally, enthusiasts can acquire all 12 cartridges for an extra 100€, unlocking 12 unique effects.

Features That Stand Out

  • Dual V/octave morphing VCO voices
  • Touch-sensitive multifunctional keypad controller
  • Six individual drone voices with dedicated push-button keypads
  • Dual white noise generators
  • Iconic POLIVOKS filter
  • Dual S&H generators and five LFO generators
  • Innovative 5-step sequencer
  • CV Joystick with dedicated outputs
  • Preamp for contact mics with envelope follower
  • Stereo mixer with panning capabilities
  • Dual cartridge effector with CV control, allowing different effects on each channel
  • Stereo audio output and external audio input

The Evolution of SOLAR

The SOLAR 42 is a testament to Elta Music’s commitment to innovation. While it retains the analog essence of the SOLAR 50, it introduces digital effects. Unlike the SOLAR 50, which had 10 drone blocks, the SOLAR 42 features six, each with five oscillators. These can be set into perpetual oscillation using touch-pads.

SOLAR 42 Sound Demo by Bonedo Synthesizers

Moreover, the SOLAR 42 introduces two playable oscillators, which can function as regular sound generators or LFOs. These feed into a revamped mixing section, allowing for independent panning of oscillators. The built-in dual Polivoks-inspired filter and dual effector section, offering effects like delay and reverb, further enhance the sound. Notably, these effects are not internal DSPs but cartridges, reminiscent of the SOLAR 50.

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A New Era of Synthesis

solar 42 by elta music 1

The SOLAR 42 is more than just a drone synthesizer; it’s a versatile instrument. Its unique features, combined with its semi-modular capabilities, make it a standout in the world of synthesizers. The inclusion of a 5-step sequencer, an enhanced touch-sensitive controller, and a new joystick further elevates its status.

In Conclusion

The SOLAR 42 is set to go into production this summer, with a pre-order price tag of around 1500€ + VAT, and 1800€ + VAT in regular sale. If you want also get all cardridges, you need to pay additional 100€. For those who appreciate unique and experimental synths, the SOLAR 42 is something that should be considered.

Pre-order at [email protected]


DC 12V 1A…2A
5,4 KG (11,9 lb)
49.5 cm x 32 cm x 2.9 cm (5.6 cm height including potentiometer knobs)
– SOLAR 42,
– infinity cartridge,
– DC 12V2A power supply,
– user manual,
– 5 minijack patches,
– sticker pack.

For more details, visit ELTA Music.

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