Ninja Tune x Erica Synths Released Zen Delay VST – A Virtual Secret Weapon for Creatives

Zen Delay VST Virtual Plugin

The Zen Delay VST is a multi-engine delay that is designed to be a “secret weapon” for musicians and producers across genres. Its straightforward design, combined with a range of sculpting, morphing, and mangling tools, make it a versatile and highly playable instrument.

Zen Delay Hardware. Source: Erica Synths

The hardware Zen Delay has been reinvented in virtual form – Zen Delay Virtual, bringing all its key features to the digital world. With a delay time of 1-5000 ms and the ability to self-oscillate with the minimum delay and feedback, the Zen Delay Virtual is a powerful tool for creating intricate soundscapes. With its multiple delay modes (tape, digital, vintage) and its ability to sync with tap temp, or MIDI, the Zen Delay Virtual is perfect for musicians and producers who want to create rich, layered sounds.

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The Valve overdrive and multi-mode filter (LP, BP, HP) with 24 dB/oct slope and resonance are two key features that set the Zen Delay apart from other delay instruments. Whether you want to use the dry/wet feature, the filter and drive, or the full bypass, the Zen Delay Effects Processor is a highly versatile tool that will give you complete control over your sound.

New features of Zen Delay VST for more possibilities

The sound creation possibilities have been greatly expanded with Ninja Tune Zen Delay Virtual, offering more than just a simple software emulation. The new modulation page has both free and synced modes, featuring a range of modulation waveforms including sine, ramp, saw, triangle, square, pulse, notch, noise, and S&H, as well as the ability to modulate amplitude and frequency, delay time, and filter cutoff. In digital modes, you even have control over bit depth, sample rate, and noise. The added modulation options allow you to create dynamic sounds, including choruses, flanging, drones, and more.

Ninja Tune x Erica Synths Zen Delay VST New Features
Ninja Tune x Erica Synths Zen Delay VST New Features. Source: Erica Synths

Additionally, the custom routing feature provides even more sound design options, with the classic delay with feedback into the filter routing available, plus two additional options: “Post VCF” inserts the filter into the delay feedback loop with the filter output, and “Post VCF 2” does the same with the delay output. The user interface includes a routing diagram for easy navigation.

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Sync mode now includes the option for triplet and dotted rhythms in addition to the original 1/8-note increments, and the input gain stage has both clean and soft clip modes. The preset manager and library feature makes saving your own presets possible, and includes sounds from Hora Music, Mijk van Dijk, Nerk, Dr. Walker, and Kiss Nuka (Anushka Manchanda). Tap tempo is still available, and host sync, automation, and state saving from your DAW or plug-in host are all included for added convenience.

Ninja Tune x Erica Synths Zen Delay VST Factory Presets
Ninja Tune x Erica Synths Zen Delay VST Factory Presets. Source: Erica Synths

Zen Delay VST plugin walkthrough

You can also read Zen Delay manual (VST dedicated PDF) – that is available here.

Pricing of Zen Delay Virtual

Standard price of Zen Delay VST is 149 EUR/USD, but you can buy it for first three months after release for 99 EUR/USD. If you’re EU based, you have to add VAT to the price. You can purchase Zen Delay Virtual directly from Erica Synths Website, or from your favorite shops like Thomann.

It’s worth to purchase? Zen Delay review

For those who already own the hardware version of the Zen Delay, the behavior of the virtual Zen Delay VST plug-in matches the original. The valve overdrive is especially noteworthy, with its ability to add warmth and character to your sound. In addition, the new soft clipping feature and IN LEVEL control give you even more control over your sound, making it even more versatile than before.

Ninja Tune x Erica Synths Zen Delay Virtual
Ninja Tune x Erica Synths Zen Delay Virtual. Source: Erica Synths

In conclusion, the Zen Delay Virtual is a powerful tool for creatives who want to take their sound to the next level. With its versatile features, intuitive interface, and ability to match the original hardware, the Zen Delay Virtual is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to create unique and intricate sounds.

Is Zen Delay VST good as they say?

Zen Delay Virtual is as good as the hardware version, and even better for some because it has more features. The virtual equivalent of Zen Delay is a great choice for people who want to save money or do not have enough space for hardware version.